The Era of O2O Commerce - YAHOO! Store Marketplace App O2O UX design

Ever since Yahoo Store Marketplace app launched in 2013,
the whole new handy delightful mobile shopping experience made it became the iconic eCommerce mobile app in Taiwan.I joined the team after the major launch and was so honored that I could design for the future shopping experience which actually connects users from online stores to the retails, so a wide coverage of services is the first topic we want to address.

Date: Nov 2013 -May 2015
Client: YAHOO! Taiwan
Role: Interaction Designer
URL: Available in Taiwan Only

         App Store | Google Play
Tags: #mobile #eCommerce


"A seamless shopping experience, or furthermore, a smart assistant in their daily life"

Online/offline transactions happen to mix and match in our daily life, those transaction histories contain the variety of users’ personal information from how to pay the bill, avoiding foods cause allergy, to where is the best place nearby to get a great gift for two years anniversary that your girlfriend like.

So far, we still need to fill in the gap in between the online and offline transactions by input your information to online service or talking to the staff in the retails.

Online Shopping in Taiwan

Fast delivery, pick up nearby,
quick return

I’d like to give more context about the experience of online shopping here in Taiwan before I jump into design process right away, so,what would happen when do online shopping in Taiwan ?

  • Express delivery within 2-24 hrs 

  • Pickups at a nearby Convenient store mostly(we’ve got over 8000 CVS all around Taiwan running 24/7)

  • Fast return and refund

Based on the small area restriction, CVS is almost EVERYWHERE, there are few potentialities we could develop to shape a great O2O experience within on-demand, localized and customized services.


1.Integrating new add-on features to the existing product with unified handy delightful UX, but not a revamp design

2.Not sure what resources we could get from both existing and future-to-be partners

3.The balance of BD needs and User needs, business units want to emphasize the voucher option to be the very front, but user tend to have a quick access to great deals or what they specific want


Features not Solution

Vouchers and nearby coupons

We started from a big picture of the overall O2O ecosystem but ended up with two specific scenarios that were vouchers and LBS coupons due to some restrictions(lack of partnership with retails, tech limitations, and business concerns), below is the details of how we proposed to BD department based on their requirements - Easy to access to both vouchers and coupons and seamless merged to existing design

We tried bunch of designs on how we add those vouchers and coupons seamlessly into current design, this is one of all tryouts that we thought it’s fun , cute and also kinda highlight the voucher categories, the concept is to add on some playful factors and keep the delightful visuals, but we ended up with another simplfied version for release.

So the ideas were good, but due to the restrictions on variety aspects, it turned out not so ideal since we did not get a huge traction after that, I could see that when we decided to take the first action as adding on vouchers and nearby coupon without advanced smart contextual trigger designs.

“A seamless shopping experience” is actually require a well-planned business model to take care of almost every client in this ecosystem such as users, small business, well-known brands,retails and enterprises, which not just about designing behavior change, but more about designing the whole business.

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