Hello and Goodbye -
The making of Jink 3.0

I joined the team in the mid of 2015, that was the time they’ve designed the Jink 2.0 but haven’t released yet, the team was seeking for growing more daily active users by adding new features to increase the usage from daily basis

Date: May 2015 - Aug 2016
Client: Greenhouse apps
Role: Product Designer
URL: Not avaliable since Feb 2016
Tags: #mobile


The Problem 

"Difficult to show
the value of using Jink"

Jink 1.0 was an app that will realtime update locations on map when you are going to meet your friend, sounds not complicated but the problem is too hard to make users to understand the benefit by using Jink.When I joined the team, the design of Jink 2.0 already done and I thought the first thing we did will be launch the app then iterate later, but the plan changed, the goal of next version will focus on two actionable metrics that we could measure after new launch :

a.Increasing the number of usage weekly.
b.Number of new downloads

Who, When do they need realtime location updates?

We revisited the main use case of Jink, and that’s pretty simple just focus on 1-on-1 meet up, but we started to discuss about how broad that user could apply realtime location updates to fulfill their needs, below are the use cases we've came out:

Product Vision

“The intention is to get more social engagement that ties in with the location information.”


After walking through all those use cases and some other ideas, we figured that for most group activities and safety related cases, communication(to either chat or send out status info) became the must have feature especially for instant status update, also, creating group or specific event (like trip to Kyoto) in app might make the group activities more easier to manage attendee’s status(like setting an event for group boarding time in the airport).


Ate our own dogfood

The whole team decided to travel together to Kyoto with Jink 3.0

Here are what we found pretty useful:
Flexibility of travel schedule - we created event on map to see if everyone wanna join or not, and you could leave message to update if you could make it or not.

Feel more secure - I enjoy wandering alone when traveling, with JInk, it shows members on map, so we knew at least everyone’s locations in case there might be any emergency. 

Show the value

Tell the stories while on-boarding

Back to the problem, even we’ve thought a lot about the use cases(and we did go on a trip with it!), but still really hard to show the value of Jink in few words, so we also tried to redesign the on-boarding pages as the initial storyteller, tight release schedule was the main restriction of this release, so even users tend to skip the on-boarding most of time, but that’s also still a showcase of how Jink could benefit users in their daily life.

Goodbye Jink!

It’s sad but like most consumer apps, how to build up a sustainable business model is really tough by just an app, it requires a complete service and collaboration from different industries, in our case, I thought we’d connect to local business (small business or bar, restaurants ) and specific communities (Cyclist, camper, travelers) that would be able to show the value of using Jink, but we just can’t prove that to investors, and that’s also a reason why we decided to stop making Jink.

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