Kimie Ouyang

Product Designer/
Ice cream Lover/
Inspirational Sleeper

Visual Communication
Landscape Architecture Design

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I’ve worked as a UX designer for 5 years, and has done several designs from cross-platform photo syncing service, travel, finance, ecommerce, LBS to even law enforcement. Just kicked off my life-long side gig - Project Long Term Care and ready to move my focus to design for women safety and low vision.
Project Emoji shows my another perspective of seeing this world, go check and enjoy it!

Thoughts About Design

1.From individual to environmental design, context matters
2.Design means providing solutions in a creative and efficient way
3.Empathy and ask why are the keys to great design

A Little More About Me

Not sure if I am the right fit?A quick way to getting to know me more by checking the “more-less” list below 😛